33 Great Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms for Every Budget

Are you searching for Mother’s Day or birthday gifts for outdoorsy moms? Here is a curated list of thoughtful and practical gifts that are sure to delight any outdoorsy mom, whether she’s a hiking enthusiast, camping aficionado, or simply loves spending time in nature or being outside. From budget-friendly options to splurge-worthy gear, we’ve got something for every budget and preference. There are even gifts for outdoorsy moms that like experiences more than things. 

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33 Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms

Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms Under $25

  • Darn Tough Socks: Merino wool socks regulate temperature, wick moisture, and have antimicrobial properties keeping feet comfortable and safe on the trails with these durable and cozy socks. There are also these no-show socks that are great for running or walking. 
  • Swiss Army Knife: Adventure moms need a versatile tool that’s handy for various outdoor tasks and emergencies like a Swiss Army Knife. This one can clip to her keychain so she will have an array of small tools with her at all times.
where should we camp next? Budget Camping book gift idea
  • Where Should We Camp Next: If you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who love to fuel their wanderlust, then this book is for them! It includes budget-friendly campgrounds and other low-cost outdoor activities in all 50 states. 
  • The Campout Cookbook: If you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who want to inspire her culinary skills with delicious outdoor recipes for campfire cooking then this is the perfect book! Nature moms will love this!
  • Ultralight First Aid Kit: No list of gifts for outdoorsy moms would be complete without a packable first aid kit. Ensure mom’s prepared for any minor mishaps during her outdoor adventures.
yellow Minus 33 merino wool beanie on a woman outdoors
  • Minus 33 Merino Wool Beanie: I love this merino wool beanie because it keeps me water, is moisture-wicking, and it’s lightweight and comfortable. It’s the perfect gift for any active mom. 
  • Kansas City Get Out Guide: If the mom you are shopping for lives in Kansas City and is looking for lists of ideas of things to do with her kids, get her a Kansas City Get Out Guide. It has an interactive map so she can search for activities by location or type (hiking, biking, u-pick farms, pumpkin patches, day trips, camping, outdoor eateries, etc.). It’s a comprehensive list of outdoor fun in and around Kansas City.
where should we camp next book, gifts for outdoorsy moms

Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms Under $50

  • Hydro Flask Water Bottle:   No list of gifts for outdoorsy moms would be complete without a Hydro Flask Water insulated water bottle to keep her hydrated with a high-quality. Or check out this if she prefers a Hydro Flask bottle with a straw.
teal Hydro Flask with a straw outdoors
  • Goodr Sunglasses: No list of gifts for outdoorsy moms would be complete without stylish and functional sunglasses designed for active lifestyles. Adventure moms will love this!
  • Belt Bag: If you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who love to keep her essentials close at hand while keeping her hands free during outdoor activities, then a belt bag is a great gift! This Patagonia Belt Bag is more neutral, while this Cotopaxi Belt Bag is great for moms who love vibrant colors.
A picture of a battery bank to help charge electronics on the go outside
  • Battery Bank: No list of gifts for outdoorsy moms would be complete without a battery bank to ensure devices stay charged, even in remote outdoor locations. Plus moms take a lot of photos (ok, maybe it’s just me) which requires extra battery power. My techie husband got me this battery bank and it works great. 
  • Yeti Tumbler: Nature moms, adventure moms, active moms, and outdoor moms would all love a way to keep hydrated and cool on hot days with a Yeti Tumbler.
a navy blue Yeti tumbler with a blurry outdoor background

Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms Under $100

  • REI Day Pack: No list of gifts for outdoorsy moms would be complete without a versatile and durable backpack for day hikes and outdoor excursions. I have multiple backpacks of different sizes for long hikes, short hikes, solo hikes and hikes with kids, but this one is the most versatile.
  • Minus 33 Merino Wool Layers: Stay warm and dry with high-performance merino wool base layers. I absolutely love my Minus 33 pants and shirt. I had never invested in high-quality base layers before, but once I tried them I was impressed by the difference and now I will never use synthetic layers. If you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who love staying dry while being active and quality insulating, breathable materials, this is a great gift. 
  • Light Camping Chair: I love out super light camping chairs. They are so useful for when we want to go to a festival or park and don’t want to lug a ton of weight. They are also great for overnight canoe and bikepacking trips.
a mom in the woods wearing a trail magik carrier and a backpack, showing potential gifts for outdoorsy moms
  • Trail Magik Carrier: This is a great gift for moms with little kids who want to hike with a backpack and carry a kid on their front. I love our Trail Magik Carrier so I can easily carry my son and a backpack and we can walk further distances because I can help my son out. 
  • Camelbak: No list of gifts for outdoorsy moms would be complete without a hydration pack. This backpack and bladder will keep mom hydrated on walks with or without the kids. 
  • Kavu Sling Bag: If you’re looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who need a fun and practical bag, then a Kavu Sling Bag is the perfect choice!

Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms $100 and Above

  • Patagonia Pullover: This is my favorite thing to wear around campfires, on cool nights, or pretty much all of fall through spring. If you are looking for  gifts for outdoorsy moms who love fashionable, sustainable brands, this is it.
a woman wearing a Patagonia fleece pullover looking down with her arms out standing outside
  • Rumpl Blanket: Moms who love to cozy up under the stars will love this durable and packable outdoor blanket. It came recommended by an outdoor mom friend who said it was one of her most used adventure items. Bonus that these blankets are cute! 
  • Chacos: You’ll find me living in these all summer. Chacos are so comfortable and great for outdoor adventures or everyday use. I also bought Chacos slides and this pair is on my personal wish list.
Feet in black strappy Chacos outside in clover
  • Solo Stove: If you’re looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who want to spruce up their backyard with a smoke-free, efficient fire pit, Solo Stove is a great choice!
  • Garmin In Reach Mini: This gift will provide a sense of safety as well as keep moms connected and safe during outdoor adventures with this compact satellite communicator. If you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who travel to places without cell service, she will love this gift. 
  • GPS Watch: This is a great gift for any mom who loves to run, hike, or bike and track her routes, distance, and elevation. Bonus, this Garmin watch also has solar charging. 
a woman walking outside looking down with one arm out wearing a Cotopaxi fleece jacket
  • Cotopaxi Fleece Jacket: I love having my Cotopaxi fleece jacket for an added layer. It is comfortable and stylish. 
  • Cotopaxi Hooded Insulated Jacket: This is my favorite jacket I have ever owned. It’s lightweight, but warm. It has kept me warm in very cold temperatures but does not feel too hot if I wear it on warmer 40-50s degree days either. It’s water repellent finish works to keep you warm and dry in light rain. I have worn it on rainy days and it has done a great job of keeping me dry.
A woman walking outside looking down wearing a Cotopaxi hooded jacket
  • REI Gift Card: Let her pick what adventure gear she would like with an REI gift card. If you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy moms who want cool outdoor clothes and gear but won’t spend the money on it without an excuse to do so, this is the perfect gift.

Experience Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms

  • An Overnight Solo Staycation: Treat her to a peaceful night of solitude, away from mom duties. Book her a local hotel here. 
  • Plan an Adventure Day for Your Family: Create lasting memories with a fun-filled day of outdoor activities for the whole family. Add in her favorite outdoor activity, trail, and lunch spot. She is sure to love it! Check out this list of day trips from Kansas City for inspiration!
A girl walking down rocks to a beautiful blue lake
  • Schedule a Massage for After a Long Hike or race: Help her relax and rejuvenate her muscles after a challenging outdoor adventure, or just because!
  • Gift Card for a Pedicure: Give her a well-deserved pampering session to soothe her active feet.
  • A Photo Book with Photos of Her and the Kids: Capture precious moments spent outdoors together in a beautifully curated photo book. Be sure to include lots of pictures of mom too! 
  • House Cleaning: After we get our house cleaned, I always feel refreshed and at ease, like something that has been nagging at me has been taken off of my plate. If you’re in Kansas City, use code OUTDOOR for 15% off your first cleaning with Clean Heart Maids.

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for the adventurous spirit of the outdoorsy mom in your life with a thoughtful gift that celebrates her love for nature and adventure. Whether it’s a practical outdoor accessory, a luxurious camping treat, or a memorable outdoor experience, one of these gifts for outdoorsy moms is sure to make her day extra special. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing outdoorsy, nature loving, or outside-sy (ya know, they enjoy being outside even if it’s just on a patio sipping a drink) moms out there!

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